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IT Delivery Center in Poland

Outsourcing of Software Projects, Processes and Departments – transfer your ongoing projects to the IT Delivery Center in Poland dedicated to your needs.

Since our beginnings, we provide the EU and Swiss companies with support and expertise in

  • IT project implementation and
  • IT recruitment.


By cooperating with us, you will:

  • significantly lower your costs of IT project implementation and operation,
  • hire well-qualified staff, nearshore, that is tailored to your company’s needs,
  • gain support throughout the whole transfer process,
  • cooperate with a flexible partner and be provided with high standards of service,

Utilizing our knowledge and expertise of the European IT market, we offer services in the field of IT project implementation, HR and consulting with a possibility to locate Competence Centres in northern and central Poland.


Our teams

ITFS currently conducts various projects for its business partners- the lead technologies currently used are Java and .NET.

ITFS Java Team:

  • consists of a Team Leader, Senior, Mid and Junior Developers,
  • works in technology stack: JEE, Java 7 and 8, Oracle 11.2, Spring, Angular.js.


  • consists of a mixed skills professionals: Architect, Team Leader, Senior and Junior Developers,
  • works in technology stack: .NET 4.6/ .NET Core 2, ASP.NET, Entity, ANgular, MS SQL.

More information on the teams and their technology stack as well as their availability can be found via our Account Manager (contact details below).

If you are interested in discussing a .NET or Java project implementation possibility with a dedicated .NET or Java team or even outsourcing single specialist please contact us.


Why Poland?

Poland is a quickly growing market with good infrastructure and a substantial number of IT professionals, currently estimated at around 150 000. Our Technical Universities educate highly motivated IT graduates, who are looking for challenging engagements.

ITFS’ main office is located in Gdynia– a modern city off the coast of the Baltic Sea, a well known technological hub for IT companies, with an easy access to highly skilled IT professionals.

If your company is looking for skilled and experienced IT staff – contact us. It would be pleasure for us to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

Comprehensive and flexible solutions provided by ITFS ensure high quality IT service and cost reduction for your company!



Natalia Robakiewicz

Account Manager

Mobile: (+48) 531 126 326

E- mail:


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